Mokena Police Need Your Help
Posted on Wednesday August 16, 2017
Mokena Police are asking Mokena residents to team up with them to help proactively deter burglaries from parked vehicles throughout the community.

The Lincoln-Way area has experienced an increase in the number of these types of crimes recently, most frequently by out-of-area suspects during overnight hours.  The common denominator in most of these vehicle burglaries is an unlocked vehicle parked in a driveway or on the street with valuables left out in clear view for would-be thieves.  In some cases, the vehicle keys or a proximity fob has been left inside the unlocked vehicle, resulting in the vehicle being stolen.  Open, unsecured garage doors additionally invite criminal activity.

Police are encouraging residents to help prevent these types of crimes by being “eyes and ears” for their neighbors and the community at large.  If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 911.  Descriptions of suspicious people and their clothing, along with vehicle descriptions and license plates, are extremely helpful.

Proactive overnight patrols are conducted by Mokena Police personnel on a regular basis, using both marked and unmarked vehicles.  You can help them deter potential crimes by taking the following simple steps:

  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Remove valuables such as wallets, purses, laptop computers, and phones from your vehicle while it is unattended.
  • If removing valuables from the vehicle is not practical, place them out of view.Make sure you lock the vehicle.
  • Every night before going to bed, conduct a security check at your home.Ensure your vehicles are locked, that your garage door is closed, and that your residence is secured.

The above steps take only a few minutes, and can help prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

Those with additional questions regarding how they can partner with Mokena Police to make the community safer are encouraged to contact Crime Prevention Officer Dennis Boardman at (708) 479-3912.


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