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New Trees Need Patience, Attention
Posted on Wednesday July 08, 2020
Much like a young child, that new tree planted in your parkway needs a lot of patience and attention.

Phil Graf of Great Lakes Urban Forestry Management says patience is key when getting newly planted trees established.  Shortly after planting, a tree can become partially--or even fully--defoliated due to transplant shock.  Graf advises residents to be patient and let the tree attempt to leaf out again on its own.  You can help during this transition period by properly watering the tree following the instructions provided in the Village’s “Tips for New Trees” publication, which is available via a link at the bottom of this article.

If you have limited time, Graf suggests investing in a slow-release drip irrigation watering bag.  Simply fill the bag once a week and let it drip irrigate the tree.

If it ultimately becomes apparent that a newly planted tree is not going to survive, Graf cautions that now is not the time to replace it.  The hot and dry conditions typically encountered in July and August—and sometimes in early September as well—are not conducive to a successful replacement planting.  Moreover, good available nursery stock for replacements is often lacking during this period of time.  Graf advises that the best available window for the tree to be replaced is during the cooler, more favorable months of October or November, and in some cases, next spring.

You can report any dead trees to the Village by calling (708) 479-3900.  Upon documentation by Village staff, these trees will be replaced later this year or next spring, depending on demand and availability of quality nursery stock.

Tips for New Trees


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