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Deduct Meters


A deduct water meter measures the amount of water not discharging into the sanitary system. This would include water used for lawn sprinkler systems or outside hose connections. Deduct meters are optional, and can be installed at the discretion of the homeowner or business owner. The measurement of the deduct meter shall be deducted from the consumer’s sewer usage based upon the reading of the primary water meter.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for the installation of the deduct meter by a plumber licensed by the State of Illinois. All such plumbers must also be fully bonded and licensed as a contractor by the Village. Once the deduct meter is installed, the applicant must contact the Water Department at (708) 479-3926 to schedule the inspection and sealing of the actual deduct meter.

Deduct water meters must be installed similar to regular water meters. The deduct meter must be installed after the main water meter. Both water meters should be located in the same area. There shall be no permanent or temporary water piping system that passes water from the deduct meter to any interior water outlet. The Village retains the right to inspect and test any deduct meter as needed to verify compliance with all regulation.


Inspections of deduct meters may be conducted annually at the discretion of the Community Development Department. Violation of any water and sewer Ordinance may result in the nullification of the deduct meter readings and removal of the deduct meter. Water deduct meters are provided by the Village. For current pricing on the fees for the meter and permit to install the meter, please contact the Community Development Department at (708) 479-3900.


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